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Nintendo Switch Pro Release date and price speculation

The Nintendo Switch is an excellent portable gaming system for enjoying games while on the go. That does, however, also make it more likely to be misplaced or, worse, stolen. Here are all of the steps you may take to get your Nintendo Switch back if you misplace it.

What To Do If Your Nintendo Switch Is Lost Or Stolen

Sadly, the Nintendo Switch lacks an integrated tracking system, such as Android phones’ “Find My Device” feature or Apple products’ “Find My Device” feature. Nevertheless, by following the instructions listed below, you can provide the police with valuable information about your gadget, which will aid in its location.

  1. It will be necessary for you to know your Switch’s serial number. It is located on the device’s underside, close to the USB-C port.
  2. The box your Nintendo Switch came in has the serial number as well. Usually, the number is found around the bottom of the box.
  3. Tell the support representative on the phone that you need assistance tracking your Nintendo Switch when you contact Nintendo customer service.
  4. Give them the serial number of your Switch if they ask for it. This will allow Nintendo customer service to track the last time and location of the device’s internet connection.
  5. If you feel your Switch has been stolen, you should use that information to notify the authorities of its most recent location. Inform the authorities about your Switch’s installed games as well as any distinctive characteristics, such as the color of the Joy-Cons, the appearance of the carrying case, and any accessories it may have had.

In the meantime, make sure your payment details are removed from the eShop so that they can’t be used fraudulently. To accomplish this, navigate to your Nintendo account, then click the “Shop menu” option on the left.

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Customer Support Telephone Lines

  • 1-800-255-3700 (US)
  • +44 (0)345 60 50 247 (Europe)
  • +61 3 9730 9900 (Australia)
  • +81-75-662-9600 (Japan)
  • +30-210-685-4220 – CD Media S.E. (Cyprus, Greece, and the Balkans)

Can a Nintendo Switch Be Tracked?

As was already established, the Nintendo handheld console lacks a built-in capability that allows users to find the device remotely. Investing in a third-party tracking device such as Tile Mate makes sense if you tend to misplace items easily. But be aware that the range of these Bluetooth tracking gadgets is constrained. However, this could be a great buy if your only concern is hiding your Switch somewhere in your house.

How to Proceed If Your Lost Switch Is Not Found

Here are the precautions you should take if you have used every resource to locate your Switch:

    • If you have linked your Nintendo Account to any social networking platform, including Facebook or Twitter, update the password on those accounts as well. You must to go into your account settings on Twitter and remove access from the Switch.
    • Any previous eShop purchases can be redownloaded on a new Switch without incurring any further fees. Your previously stored game saves on your previous device will no longer be accessible. Generally speaking, make sure to use the Save Data Backup function on Nintendo Switch Online for compatible games.
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